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Special Projects



Your practice is unique, has specific needs, resources and goals.  We customize our services to meet those needs and help you implement positive changes in your business.   It may be a unique reporting tool, or special negotiations among partners or external buyers.  Whatever the need, we work to find a practical solution using our team and a network of industry consultants.  High quality does not need to be high price.  We strive to exceed your expectations.


Management Services

Let's get over the Fence!  Building a strong business foundation is our specialty, including operations, infrastructure, human resources and strategic planning...  This includes onsite assessments and implementation plans to streamline and sometimes restructure your practice.  Our hands on approach is very special as we work to enhance practice culture and profitability.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Choosing the right path is critical.  Whether you're buying, selling or expanding your business footprint, we can help you analyze the options and facilitate the deal.  Our network of professionals work together to meet your needs.  What is the practice worth, and how can we bring the decision makers for the benefit of all.


Reporting Services

Customized reports to meet your needs.  Gathering the right data at the right time for useful analysis encompasses multiple platforms from practice management software, accounting software and payroll processing.  We can help streamline how you receive data to better manage your business.  Most importantly train and support your team in using these reports in your business.

Business to Business (B2B) Projects

Understanding your customer is key.  Looking for connections, data or information to help you better understand your customers, give us a call.  We do special projects, brainstorming sessions, presentations in the veterinary marketplace and are available for board.

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